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  • 18kt Golden Fern Leaf

    18kt Golden Fern Leaf

    That leaf isn't just gold, it is a real fern leaf electroplated in gold. You will be wearing a genuine piece of the forest with you every time you put it on. Wrapped in with the lovely greens and golds are baltic amber, wood, swarovski crystal,...

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  • Ammonite and Amber

    Ammonite and Amber

    This lovely ammonite necklace is loaded with Ethiopian opals, swarovski crystals, sunstone, butterscotch and baltic amber beads. It is finished with a copper alloy clasp and measures out to be 20".

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  • Ammonite Necklace

    Ammonite Necklace

    I love ammonites, don't you? This piece is strung with Swarovskis, fluorite, sleeping beauty turquoise, pearl, wood, and glass beads with just a hint of iolite. This necklace is 20 inches long and sports a toggle clasp that is not sterling or...

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  • Autumn Breath

    This necklace is composed of four strands with intricately blended colors. There are a total of seven Swarovski beads and seven garnets, and those are the only gems in the whole piece. This one is really more about the color. This piece is 21.5" long

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  • Bicycle Race

    Bicycle Race

    I want to ride my bicycle! Chocolate and raspberry tones come together so vibrantly that it almost makes my mouth water. Swarovski sparkle lights up next to sunstone, watermelon tourmaline, baltic amber and just a touch of amethyst. The whole piece...

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  • Blood and Wine

    Blood and Wine

    This piece is part of a new series of pendant-less, layered necklaces. Therefore it is just really rich and full of gems. The necklace is composed of garnets, baltic amber, swarovski elements, and earthy hessonite garnets. Basically, lots of that wine,...

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  • Blood Moon

    Blood Moon

    This exquisite piece is strung with a real tailbone and bone beads. The organic bone pendant is locally and ethically sourced with the utmost respect. The bones are accompanied by swarovski crystals, moonstone, garnet, watermelon tourmaline, and cultured...

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